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We want to make your healthcare experience simple and easy. That’s why Houston SmartCare provides its members access to our Concierge Advisor Team. The Concierge Advisor is your personal health navigator that quickly helps determine if your provider is in our network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers. If your provider is not in the network, we can help you choose a quality provider that meets your needs!

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Care Within the Houston SmartCare Service Area

When seeking care within the 8-county service area (Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, and Waller), Employers Health Network (EHN) is your EXCLUSIVE NETWORK. EHN provides comprehensive and affordable care through access to 14+ hospitals and more than 5,300 affiliated physicians in Greater Houston.

Visit https://members.ehnconnects.com and choose the provider type you need. Enter your Group ID on your Member ID card.

Note: SmartCare+ plan members also have coverage within the Houston service area through the PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary Network and other hospital coverage. Contact the Concierge Advisor Team to discuss the options best for you and your family and to allow us to coordinate your care between the physician and the facility. See your member ID card to identify your specific plan.

Care Outside the Houston SmartCare Service Area

Physician and Other Non-Hospital Services – If you seek services not billed by a hospital (such as physician, imaging, physical therapy, etc.) and are outside the 8-county service area, you will have access to the PHCS Practitioner and Ancillary Network of more than 1 million providers. Please call the Concierge Advisor Team for assistance determining coverage or to locate a provider. You can also find a provider online at http://www.multiplan.com/webcenter/portal/ProviderSearch. Select “Network” and choose “PHCS,” then select the “Practitioner and Ancillary” option.

Hospital Services – If you require non-emergency hospital services, including inpatient admission or outpatient services at a hospital or facility outside of the 8-county service area, you MUST contact the Concierge Advisor Team to allow us to coordinate your care between the physician and the facility.

Emergency Care

In emergency situations, regardless of location, you should immediately call 911 and/or seek care at the nearest Emergency Room.

Manage Your Benefits

Managing your benefits is easy, either on the Houston SmartCare myHealth website, or through our convenient mobile app. And our Concierge Advisor Team is here to answer questions about benefits and coverage, assist with claim inquiries, find doctors or hospitals, and help you understand your best benefit options.

Visit the Houston Smartcare myHealth page to manage your benefits.
• Review explanation of benefits documents
• Print ID cards
• Manage dependents and more!


You can also manage your benefits on the HealthSmart Member Portal App!

For assistance, call our Concierge Advisor Team
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1-833-788-2814, Option 5

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