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Comprehensive Health Benefits With Unbeatable Rates 

Employers today don’t want a complicated health benefit plan. They want a simple, comprehensive model that delivers the full services of a carrier with the flexibility of a TPA.

Houston SmartCare is an innovative level-funded health plan for the Greater Houston area, offering employers predictability, financial security and transparency. We’ve gathered that all together in a single, locally-focused solution to deliver access to the area’s top providers with better rates than the big guys.

Houston SmartCare was designed by experts who know and understand the Greater Houston market. This plan features convenient access to hospitals, facilities and doctors across the area at market-leading discounts. Houston SmartCare’s comprehensive plan design avoids the need to work with multiple vendors, so it is ideal for small to mid-size employers, as few as 25 employees or more than 1,000.

Houston SmartCare Offers:

Concierge services to help members navigate their healthcare every step of the way

Access to hospitals, facilities and doctors across Greater Houston through Employers Health Network, the EXCLUSIVE NETWORK for the Houston area.

Predictable costs through a level-funded plan with no additional risk for employers

Significantly lower premiums 
than mainstream fully-insured programs


Financial security with stop loss coverage to protect your health plan from catastrophic claims with no lasers or disclosures

Out-of-area benefits through a national PPO physician network and Reference Based Pricing program

Featuring access to comprehensive care by hospitals, facilities and doctors across Greater Houston!


Acute Care Hospitals


Urgent Care Centers


Affiliated Physicians


Primary Care Physicians




OB-GYN Specialists

Accessible. Transparent. Comprehensive.

To be a competitive broker, you need to stand out. That means the ability to offer your clients the most competitive rates and comprehensive services. Houston SmartCare brings together the top providers and national coverage to deliver an innovative, integrated solution that delivers transparent access to quality care.

Are you a Houston SmartCare member?

Be sure to visit the Houston SmartCare home page to learn how to search for providers and access your benefits information!

Visit the Houston Smartcare myHealth page to review explanation of benefits documents, print ID cards, manage dependents and more!

You can also manage your benefits on the HealthSmart Member Portal App!


For personal assistance, call our Concierge Advisor Team at
1-833-788-2814, Option 5

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